I build athletes. For me an athlete is someone who is serious with getting better and stronger whether that´s being able to move freely playing with the kids, preparing for a triathlon, a Crossfit lover who wants to move more efficiently without pain or the obvious and most common definition - junior and elite level sports athletes.


Elite sports and most of our everyday movement routines is not as healthy as we would hope. That’s why my prime focus is to restore function within the body as a parallel process with the performance-based training. To create space within the joints and elasticity within the soft tissues of the body enables all of us to move well and efficient in multiplanar movements. The road to get there is different for each client, and I blend and fuse a lot of different training forms into one to prepare my clients for as many stimulis as possible. 


The foundation of human function, performance and longevity is biomechanical efficiency. To be able to move well and efficient is essential for optimal physical well-being and enhanced quality of life for all of us. Be an athlete.